Sunday, November 26, 2006

1988 Honda Civic's Rule!!!

I'm going to tell you what a good feeling is,my friends. I was returning from picking up my clothes from the laundromat and realized I needed gas. I'm damn near on "E" so I pull into the Chevron advertising Unleaded for $2.20 or something like that. Anyway I decide to go for the fill-up for the week ahead so I give the attendant a 20 and tell him I want 15 on pump 6 and this grape 10-k. I begin my fill-up and the pump stops at $12.27. I TOPPED OFF AT TWELVE DOLLARS AND TWENTY- SEVEN CENTS!!! I'm good for the whole week!!!* In Sean Puffy Combs voice** Take That Big Oil!!! Take That United Arab Emirates!!! Take That! Take That!
It's a Very Good Feeling these days to walk back into the fuel depot and the attendant has to give you back your $6.04 return for your fill-up. People began cheering in the store!!!The fat guy at the lotto counter hoisted me on his shoulders as the hoodrats all broke away from their dopeboy's and flashed their tattooed headlights at me! Okay not really...but its still a good feeling anyway. So keep your fancy-schmancy gas guzzlers,with your "automatic windows" and your tv screens in the headrests. I'll take my little hoo-doo over all that bling right now anytime!!! 1988 canary-yellow Honda Civic 4-door...Pimp MY Ride? Not.


Blogger Derek_Coleman said...

Dang, only $12.27? That's less than some people spend to fill their riding lawnmowers. BTW, nice pic.

4:59 PM  

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