Monday, November 13, 2006

It's About Time!!!

So the Gub'Mint is going to give Rev. Dr. Martin Luther KANG a statue in between the statues of Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson, Sally Hemmings would be so proud. Its supposed project completion date is 2008,coincidentally the year President Bush Jr. leaves office (did my heart just skip a beat?)...Have WE Overcome? I'm not so sure. We've definitely aquired a healthy knowledge of self-promotion but no real Awareness of Ourselves as people of color whose elders overcame everything imaginable to make themselves/ourselves equal members of society. I live in Atlanta now, there's an Eternal Flame sitting on the water grave of Rev. King here. I've only been there once,with one of my sisters when she came up here to visit. This was about 2 months after Katrina blew me and our mom here. So that would be around this time last year. So we go to the grave,I heard about the Eternal Flame and I felt that would be a good enough time as ever to go see it,maybe I'll get some inspiration from one of my heroes,some sort of psychic revelation as to why all this bad shit is happening in my lifetime to me and the rest of the world. We get to the flame...and its out.

I began to feel insane so I started laughing. The Eternal Flame that guards the one black man who all colors can love and respect is out. So we go inside the museum next to the grave and I go up to the curator lady running the gift shop and I say "Excuse me,is that supposed to be the Eternal Flame on Martin Luther King's water grave?" She says ,"Yes,yes it is." And I go "Well its out. You might want to get somebody to rekindle it or something." She seemed highly embarrassed and probably sent maintenance to work on it. I guess it bums you out when the first time you see something that actually has a signifigance in your life whether you want it to or not, in my case,the burial site of Dr. King, and the Flame is Out. Typical. Hopefully if I ever get to see the Ka'ba in Mecca it wont have graffiti on it from our occupation. So good luck with that statue,America. I only hope when he's standing next to Lincoln and Jefferson he wont look like their lawn jockey.


Blogger Derek_Coleman said...

Dang, I didn't know the flame had gone out. You'd think news like that would have been heard about several times over. I guess it only matters to those that matter.

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