Sunday, December 17, 2006

Guerrilla Laundry. Fin'. So Fresh So Clean.

Laundry Day is Complete! Well at least as far as I am concerned. I have enough scanties and socks to last me through the week so Sunday may now proceed. It's not that I dont trust my neighbors or I'm some horrible recluse its just that in the year I've lived here I've had the police show up at my door mistakenly twice, one babymomma three doors down had her television and sofa thrown out her second floor apartment down to the parking lot by one of her babydaddy's. Not to mention the numerous drunken fights and shouting matches that occur around the holiday season or really any given weekend or weekday. Oh,and did I mention that I cannot get pizza delivered to my satellite as its on a high crime location list circulated by all the delivery restaurants in the area. And I really like delivery service.

There's no real gunplay here but this is the kind of satellite you see on the news when they talk about an apartment fire or a argument turned fatal type of thing. I was hornswaggled into renting this place in a hurry by Chantal the leasing agent who had a booth at the Red Cross evac center last year at the Georgia Dome. It's location is discreet and off of famous Cascade Road near the Beautiful soul food restaurant. Most familiar with urban living would refer to it as "the Cut". Those in surrounding areas refer to it as Zone 4. To me,at least up until March 2007,it is my home away from home in which to rebuild my displaced life. It is my Satellite, hovering over Atlanta, Georgia.


Blogger Derek_Coleman said...

Ah, the force is strong with this one! "the Cut" is a term I hadn't heard since High School. It's probably safe to say it will be around several generations to come...

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