Sunday, December 17, 2006

Guerrilla Laundry Pt. 1

So today is Laundry Day once again. Some of you may ask why is Zhu devoting a second post to laundry. It's a simple non-threatening abolution designed to get you ready for the weeks ahead. Yes it is,but when your housing situation is,ah,lets just say less than perfect, laundry takes on an ugly, survivalist ,tone. I have,or was promised laundry facilities by my rental agent when I was negotiating the lease for my satellite location. Since there are a total of approx. 60 units in my complex and about 20 tenants who have,not including me,at LEAST 5 children between them I expected problems with doing laundry. Knowing that I have been doing laundry down the street at the Laundro/Cleaners.

Today,however,my little '88 Honda hoo-doo has failed me and requires a replaced head gasket so I have been on MARTA all week. Sucks yeah but I have been Gypsy for so long public transpo' really doesnt bother me. I'll let you slaves to the gas pump fret on the inconsistency of the bus,to me its just an hour earlier I have to leave to get where I have to go. Anyway, the Saints of New Orleans, fresh from a 42-17 Win against the Cowboys of Dallas will have there Home Tournament against the Redskins (no relation) of Washington today beginning at 1pm EST and I wish to stay close to home so I will do the Laundry here. This will possibly cause interaction with my neighbors,who only know me as the guy who leaves out of apartment 19 and returns to apartment 19,stopping only to retrieve mail and occasionally hand the often-absentee rental agent the money order for the "rent". I have nothing against children, I was a child once,that helps me to relate to their plight. My concern is their Mischief. I entered the laundry room and found out of the 4 washers,only One looked serviceable,and thats the one I put my socks,undershirts,and scanties,Four quarters and a cup of Liquid Tide later and it appears to be working. I shall now go downstairs to see if it has finished. Yes,this IS as dangerous as I am making it out to be...


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