Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Urly New Year Everybody

Both the Saints of New Orleans and the Falcons of Atlanta Lost today. I feel like I was watching the Same Game the way they played and lost. They were both tied at the 4th and both lost to the inferior teams. Panthers and Eagles indeed. At least the Saints ended up SECOND place in the NFC South playoffs this year 2006. Good run anyway, boys. Damn You,Delhomme! *In Captain Kirk Star Trek the Wrath of Khan voice*..."DELHOMMMMMEE!!!" Note: I am trying to make full use of this keyboard's year-end functionality hence the asteriskes, quotation marks, and unecessary exclamation marks.

Oh yeah and fuck that Playstation 3 Hype...I'd rather play Life.

*In the Simpsons' Dr. Nick voice* Happy Urly New Year Everybody!!!*


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