Sunday, December 17, 2006

How? Chemo' Sobby...

The Blessed Saints of New Orleans got Scalped by the Redskins of Washington in the SuperDoom 16-10 ! Particularly distressing as they were on an unprecedented three game win tour. I guess the pit stop at home on the road to seasonal victory did not refresh their passion to win as well as hoped. Still smelling the 42-17 victory in Landry Stadium it is only fitting that they lose at home thanks to Ladell Betts and his tribe of wampum smokums. At least we got the NFC South Division on lock,like thats anything to brag about. I deem the loss karma for re-electing William Jefferson and not getting the levees rebuilt yet. Oh Well. Tough break boys. There's always New York.

In unrelated news. I am rapidly losing blood from several wounds I incurred blessed sunday while bathing my animals for the first time. Must. Find. Gauze.


Blogger Derek_Coleman said...

Ha ha! "wampum smokums"...very classy. Guess you have your own "levees" to worry about fixing there cuz. BTW, how are the two "hurricane cats" these days?

2:38 PM  
Blogger zhu said...

Vengeful but docile. The big one dug one of her claws fully into my right thigh as I was drying her off. I'll try to get video next time. Squeaky clean,tho.

4:22 PM  

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