Sunday, December 10, 2006

What if Gotham had no Batman?

I hate to say "I told you so..." But ." I told you so". Incumbent 2nd Congressional District Rep. William"Dollar Bill" Jefferson D-La. has won his seat again,defeating challenger Karen Carter 57-43 in last nights election,proving once again the genius of the New Orleans voter. For those who dont know. Dollar Bill has been a political animal for many a year,I remember being a wee lad growing up in the 7th ward when Dollar Bill won his first seat and began his rise to power in 'dee bayou. I can actually credit my distrust of politicians' from watching old Willie from the sidelines wheel and deal. The man speaks with the eloquence of a jackal charming a gazelle and has the moral flexibility of wheatstraw on a breezy afternoon. To put it simply,I dont think he has my districts best interests in mind. Dollar Bill is also under indictment in a federal corruption probe involving,among other things having $90,000 in marked federal coin in his home's freezer from a bribe in an a tech developement contract he favored in Africa. Power to the People,Bill? Then there's the little thingy about being stripped of his seat on the House Ways and Means Committee by fiery new Majority House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) who says the new Blue House wont tolerate any mucky-mucks like Dollar Bill and his ilk.

But Alas, the People have Spoken, and have said they would rather have a known icky-poo like William Jefferson to represent the fine, upstanding, citizenry of New Orleans than outspoken noob Karen Carter,who sparked a fire under eternal old coot Sheriff Harry Lee with her comments on the Jefferson Parish Sheriffs Office (JPSO) involvement,or lack therof,in helping New Orleans residents escape the Great Wet via the CCC (Crecent City Connection/Miss. River Bridge for all you traditionalists).

So Lee goes out and endorses Jefferson to spite Carter and her remarks and the Honourable C. Ray(z) Nagin endorses him to repay Jefferson for backing him in his own closely watched May re-election this year,and the mindless sheeple of New Orleans goes right along with it. Laissez-faire,Cher. Paybacks and Spite. Yep, thats what got Dollar Bill re-elected. Like I said, he's a political animal. But does that make us his Prey?

Well not me. Not anymore. I have found a new home for the time being in the Great City of Atlanta,where all I have to worry about is the I-285 traffic (not fun) ,the Atlanta Falcons' passing game and undercover policemen doing home invasions on 90 year old grandmothers in botched drug raids. The police chief in Atlanta is none other than Richard "No Comment" Pennington formerly of New Orleans crimefighting fame and the Falcons' coach is a guy named Jim Mora who has never coached the Saints (but his dad did). Not to mention good old ex- Saints placekicker Morten Anderson will more than likely finish his career as an Atlanta Falcon... I dont like to dwell on that much as it disturbs me when I do.

Paybacks and Spite,People. That's what makes this country great. Keeps the wheels of democracy greased and what a fine oiled machine it is. I shall look forward to watching the Decline and Fall of my City following the first Flushing by the Great Wet that was Katrina De'shae Boucree'-Gavion-Charbonnet. I didnt vote in the 2nd district election only because I believe that having been in Atlanta for one year now and will be paying Georgia State tax this upcoming tax season I can only be a spectator slash critical observer of the City's reconstruction. Dollar Bill Jefferson,Mayor C. Ray(z) Nagin, Police Chief Warren Lie-ly and Governor Kathleen Blank-Ho and the rest of their ilk will have my City a Rotted Carcass on the Savannah that is America after they have picked off all the meat for their own private coffers and will leave her Bones to bleach in the warmth of the Sun. And THAT is Nat'rally N'Awlins ,ya'll.


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