Sunday, October 29, 2006

Maiden Voyage

Once apon a Sunday dreary as I pondered missing Ozomatli at the VooDoo fest going on in New Orleans we speak. I care not that the Saints lost against the 4-2 Ravens from Baltimore or that the Falcons of Atlanta won against the Bengals of Cinncinati,I 'm only glad I didnt bet on either. I'm only concerned with the online broadcast of the Fest on 'oz online. Streaming radio must remain.
Man Law.

Virgin Voyage

Well this is it. I've put off the blog thing for a while now but after all the past 2 years had to bring me I guess I've got some shit to get off of my chest. If you are not a fan of the salty language and non-politically correct commentary than you can step off the ship now. Because once I draw anchor there is no going back until I reach my destination. Where that is I have NO idea,but I hope to find it in this wired black box and behind this keyboard. At least this will be cheaper than a shrink.