Saturday, January 13, 2007

Boondock Saints, and I'm Huey Freeman. My cousin is Riley. One of my uncle's is Ruckus.

I have been busy pulling 54+ hours a week at this undisclosed- until- now J.O. so forgive me if i've been remiss in my posts. I have aquired a position at a laptop help desk for a small computer company. It only can afford three letters. But what it lacks in looks it makes up for in overtime. I saw one of the laptops on the rail to the Game. If you must know, I had a most uneventful New Year having spent it regaling in the melody of the gunshots fired by me and my next door neighbor. HAPPY 2007,Zone 4 *insert excitement HERE* LET'S GET THIS PAPER! Speaking of overtime,one place it didnt exist was in the New Orleans's Superdoom tonight, for the Saints of New Orleans have triumphed over the Eagles of Philadelphia (Fila-delphia to all old school shoe- heads). Good Job,boys. You've become the first NFC advanced playoff game winner to have the lowest % of wins. Ever. Oh,well. A Win's a Win. GO SAINTS!!!!


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